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The Next 100 Years

In the coming decades, the world will be faced with a unique array of challenges, including famine and drought brought on by climate change, as well as a new generation of cybercriminals emboldened by an increasingly interconnected world.

The Hebrew University´s talented scholars and students are committed to the pursuit of solutions of these problems, to pushing forward the frontiers of knowledge for the benefit of humanity. We look forward to solidifying our already exceptional legacy by fostering the next generation of doctors, scientists, innovators and leaders in all fields. Inspired by those who came before us, together, we will archieve even grater things in this coming century and beyond.


Jerusalem Center for Smart Cities

Smart cities harness information and communication technologies to improve community building, mobility, public services... city life.

Interdisciplinary advantage...

Affects of COVID19 on cities..

Asper-HUJI Innovate

Enhancing HU’s culture of innovation; providing students tools for the new world.


  • Train Innovative and Entrepreneurial Leaders
  • Grow HUJI’s Innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
  • Grow Jerusalem’s innovation & Entrepreneurship Ecosystem
  • Create New Ventures to solve Real-World Problems


Innovation in Action: SavTech (‘GranmaTech’) in the age of Covid-19

Gabi Arnovitz studies economics and business administration at the Hebrew University. A few years ago, he initiated a project to get student volunteers to give smartphone lessons to senior citizens. He participated in the first cohort of HUJI Innovate’s program OPEN Social and later teamed up with like-minded activists, Uriel Shuraki and David Suraqui, to turn their project into a start-up.

As COVID-19 shut down routine life, they realized that demand for their service would sky-rocket with seniors finding themselves increasingly isolated. They started a simple WhatsApp-based digital course and within two months, 1,700 seniors took part in their digital training.

Gabi Arnovitz, Co-Founder at SavTech

Nano + Quantum = NEQST

What is our Vision?

NEQST will combine outstanding experimental capabilities with the boldest theoretical concepts in one place.

Nano-Quantum Synergy

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